Banff Grizzlies

Grizzlies along the Trans-Canadian Highway, Banff Canada

These beautiful grizzly bears were grazing along the Trans-Canadian Highway as we were returning to our campsite, after a glorious day spent hiking around Lake Louise. As one can imagine, the Trans-Canadian is a very busy highway with cars, and big semi-trucks cruising along at a good clip.

When we first saw the grizzlies, there were a few cars already pulled over to the side. A flimsy, cattle fence was the only object between us and the powerful momma bear. She watched us warily, but didn’t seem too anxious about humans and traffic.

While we took pictures from the roadside, more and more cars pulled over, and we heard semi-trucks blaring their horns as tourists stopped right in the middle of the highway! It was a crazy scene, but we were so glad we got to see this beautiful bear and her babies.

Kudos to Phil for capturing this incredible moment in time on video! 😀

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