Spirits and the Supernatural

Have you ever wondered why we as a people are so interested in the supernatural, the worlds beyond ours? At this season of witches, spirits, ghosts and goblins, I stop and ponder… why?

From our pagan roots, we have historically known, not just “believed” that there is more than meets the eye, that there is a world out there that we cannot see with our eyes, but our sixth sense tells us is real. All of the world’s religions tell of supernatural beings that live outside of Earth’s realm. Some, as in Judaism and Christianity, tell of human origins originating from a supernatural source… a Creator that lives in a different realm, outside of our own.

Jesus told his disciples that he was going to a place where there were many rooms. He was going to prepare a place for them in this heavenly home, where evil and everything that evil brings, does not exist. This place of supernatural existence is real, and in our heart of hearts, we know this to be true:

“That’s why you always sense something missing…you and everyone else in this world. Everyone senses it…because something is missing. That’s why you’re always longing for something more and searching for something better…for the good, the perfect, the pure, the right, the true and the beautiful.” (The Oracle, Jonathan Cahn)

Our Creator “formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7) We were created to be His children, His companions on this Earth and beyond into the Everlasting. We are fascinated with the supernatural because we are part of that realm. Now, while we are in an earthly form, we are drawn to what is not of this earth and God is calling us to return to Him. He loves us deeply, more than we can ever know as humans, and someday soon, that Love will open our eyes and our hearts to the infinite, a life that never ends.

God’s Word, the Bible, proclaims that our Creator (God) gave us free will when He made us in His image, and now the decision to love God is ours to make. To reject the One who created us comes with a consequence, and that consequence is life in the everlasting without Love… total separation from the One who first loved us.

My prayer is for you, the person reading these words right now. If your heart’s desire is to know more about the Supernatural Creator that loves you with a Love that surpasses all human understanding, please take that next step and read the words of Jesus in the Bible, or reach out to someone who is knowledgeable about the Son of God, Jesus, and begin your journey to the supernatural… the choice is yours to make.

An excerpt from The Oracle, by Jonathan Cahn:

“I have known you from the beginning, from before you took your first step, before you breathed your first breath, before you were even conceived. I have seen all your tears and have known all your sorrows and wounds and pains, all your longings and hopes, all your fears, your dreams and heartbreaks, your burdens and weariness, your times of asking Me why, your cries of loneliness and emptiness, your times of separation, your mourning for what was lost, your weaknesses and failings, your wanderings, your sins and shame…And I have still loved you with an everlasting love…

And now I call you to leave the darkness and all that is passed and all that I never willed or purposed for your life…that the days of your separation would come to an end. It is time now to return. It is time to come home…to enter the inheritance of blessing you never knew but were born to enter. It is time for your Jubilee.”

May the Spirit of the Lord go out to all who are seeking.

In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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